Iranian State Media Calls U.S. ‘Evil,’ Fawns over Nuclear Deal Victory


Iranian media organizations are absolutely exuberant about Iran’s defeat of the “evil” United States in nuclear negotiations.

The Islamic Republic News Agency celebrates the agreement to “remove all misunderstandings on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and simultaneous termination of unfair economic sanctions on Iran.”

“The agreement has fully observed the instructions and redlines drawn up by the Islamic Republic of Iran leading to the following achievements in the field of nuclear activities and termination of all types of sanctions,” writes IRNA, before listing such bullet points as:

Vital facts on Iran’s peaceful nuclear programs had been ignored in an unfair manner to depict the program as a threat to the international peace and security but it has now turned into a theme for broadening international cooperation with other countries within international standards.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is to be recognized as a nuclear technology power authorized to have peaceful nuclear programs such as complete nuclear fuel cycle and enrichment to be identified by the United Nations.

All unfair sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council including economic and financial sanctions on Iran are to be lifted as per the agreement and through issuance of a new resolution by the United Nations Security Council.

All nuclear installations and sites are to continue their work contrary to the early demands of the other party, none of them will be dismantled.

The policy on preventing enrichment uranium is now failed and Iran will go ahead with its enrichment program.

Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will remain intact, no centrifuges will be dismantled and research and development on key and advanced centrifuges such as IR-4, IR-5, IR-6, IR-8 will continue.

Iran to enter into the world market as the producer of nuclear-related products mainly two strategic products named ‘enriched uranium and heavy water and all sanctions and restrictions imposed on imports and exports of nuclear materials which in some cases took about 35 years will be ineffective.

All economic, financial sanctions in banking, finance, oil, gas, petrochemical, commerce, insurance and transportations leveled by the European Union and the US under the pretext of Iran’s nuclear program, will be lifted on early stages of the agreement.

Iran’s Arms embargo to be lifted or to be replaced with some restrictions in a way grounds for imports or exports of defense related items to be possible per case. These restrictions will be completely removed after five years.

Tens of billion dollars of Iran’s revenues which had been frozen over the past several years due to unfair sanctions overseas will be available.

Those are just a few of the items declared by the IRNA. The whole deal is portrayed as Iran’s victory over the “unfair” sanctions against it.

There have been some minor rumblings of protest from the Obama administration that Iran is misrepresenting or exaggerating some of the concessions made to it. The essential factor driving this farce all along has been Iran’s confidence that Obama would do just about anything to secure a deal, because his domestic political adversaries would be vindicated if the process fell apart. That is more true than ever now—if Obama was afraid to look like a fool for walking away from the negotiations, just imagine how foolish he would look if he retroactively tried to cancel the deal because Iran wrote in a few more last-minute goodies for itself, or stretched the meaning of certain terms. It is a safe bet that the practical implementation of this arrangement will more closely match the account of Iranian media than White House spokespeople.

Just in case anyone thinks this deal will create some sort of diplomatic opening to Iran, the Fars news agency published an editorial Monday night describing the United States as an “evil that never sleeps,” echoing Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s call to continue “the campaign against arrogance.”

Some American critics of the deal have noticed absolutely no peripheral issues that would be even slightly uncomfortable for Iran were included, not even the release of Americans it currently holds captive. Fars explains why Iran would never have agreed to discuss such issues:

The US and its cronies continue to destroy nations with great impunity and no accountability.

Innocent civilians are still dying because of the US-led wars of aggression and domination in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.

The US-backed Israeli apartheid in occupied Palestine refuses to go away while international civil society has been unable to do anything about it.

The evil of ISIL – America’s own creation – just like al-Qaeda and other terrorist outfits, continues to wreak havoc across the Middle East and North Africa, while the US-led war on terror continues to entertain the world as a bad joke.

Millions of refugees are still suffering in harsh conditions while the US and its Israeli-Arab allies are largely to be blamed. They have even intensified their air war campaign against sovereign nations to push for regime change and preserve their regional status quo.

All this and more are just the tip of the iceberg. These are just some of the obvious reasons why Ayatollah Khamenei insists the Iranian nuclear negotiators shouldn’t negotiate with their American counterparts regional issues such as Syria and Yemen.

What’s more, the refusal to accept such an arrogant system is “the main reason” behind the bullying powers’ hostility towards the Iranian nation. Even the Holy Quran agrees: The campaign against arrogance will never stop as evil never sleeps.

Fars also issues stern warnings for the “evil” Americans not to challenge Iran’s interpretation of the deal or attempt to back away. And just to make extra certain nobody thinks this deal creates a diplomatic opening for the Great Satan, the editorial concludes by talking about “Eurasia integration” and singling out China’s “New Silk Road” project, while promising that “the hostility between Iran and the United States is here to stay”—due entirely to the mischief of the “American spin machine” and its efforts to frustrate Iran’s desire to “support its allies and work for peace and security throughout the region,” of course.