Poll: Israelis Back Attack Against Iran, 47%-35%, in Wake of Bad Deal


A new poll published by the Israeli newspaper Maariv and cited by the Times of Israel reports that a plurality of Israelis support a military strike against Iran in the wake of the lopsided agreement negotiated by President Barack Obama’s team with Iran in Vienna this week.

The new show of public support for military action comes as Israeli leaders–including those bitterly opposed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–line up to denounce the Iran deal. Opposition leader Isaac Herzog, backed indirectly by Obama in elections earlier this year, is now reportedly considering joining the Netanyahu government in a national unity coalition to oppose the Iran deal internationally. He is expected to join Netanyahu in lobbying the U.S. Congress to reject the deal and return to the negotiating table to craft a more effective one.

Other polls have shown that roughly 4 out of 5 Israelis believe the new deal is dangerous for Israeli security.

President Obama is reportedly lobbying Democrats, particularly Jewish ones, to support the deal; opponents of the deal are trying to build a veto-proof majority against it.


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