Assyrian Christians Demand Turkey Stop Bombing YPG


An Assyrian Christian militia group has asked NATO to stop Turkey from attacking Syria, since the military is shelling the Kurdish militia People’s Protection Unit (YPG). The YPG, and its female counterpart the YPJ, are seen by many in the region as the last line of defense from the Islamic State.

Here is the statement:

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The Syriac Military Council (SC) has allied itself with the Kurdish militia to fight against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). The terrorist group has expanded its caliphate through Syria and Iraq in the past year, while taking out the Kurds and Christians.

Turkey remained hesitant to join the fight against ISIS for most of the terrorist group’s development in the past year, even though it borders Syria. The Turkish government sided with the rebels against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad when their country dived into a civil war four years ago. The country quickly became an easy route for wannabe jihadists to join terrorist groups in Syria. A nurse once complained about treating ISIS jihadists in her hospital. One ISIS member claimed the Turkish government provided their funds. Western officials have found documents on USB drives that link Turkey and ISIS.

The disposition of the Turkish government changed last week after a suicide bomber killed 32 people in Suruç and a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant murdered a Turkish soldier. On July 23, Turkish authorities granted America permission to use the Incirlik Air Base to strike ISIS in Syria. The two reached another agreement for an “Islamic state-free zone” along the Turkey-Syria border. Turkish officials also called for NATO talks under Article 4, “which allows countries to ask for consultations when they believe their territorial integrity, political independence or security is threatened.”

However, it appears Turkey is using the opportunity to attack the Kurds.

“The Turkish Army shelled the People’s Defense Units and the Free Syria Army’s positions in the village of Zormikhar in front of the terrorist-occupied town Jarabulus–using heavy tank fire,” claimed the YPG, adding:

Instead of targeting IS terrorists’ occupied positions, Turkish forces attack our defenders positions. This is not the right attitude. We urge Turkish leadership to halt this aggression and to follow international guidelines. We are telling the Turkish Army to stop shooting at our fighters and their positions.


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