Christians Joining Israeli Defense Forces at Record Pace


Israeli Christians are enrolling in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at a record pace. There could be as many as 200 in 2016.

Around 48 Christian youths attended a seminar on Tuesday, including two young women. International Business Times reported the seminar educated the recruits on “military preparation” along with “a leadership course.”

“They arrive with very high motivation for military service,” explained IDF Col. Pini Gonen, adding:

Just last week Jennifer, an Arab Christian soldier, was selected for exceptional performance in a course operating [the] Iron Dome [missile defense system]. She also finished basic training with exceptional ratings.

I believe that the number of recruits will rise. Already today you can see [Christian] officers at the rank of major in the teleprocessing branch, [the] navy, and other units. Even more senior rankings are just a matter of time.

IDF witnessed a rise in Christian youths in late 2013 when 84 Arab Christians joined. Christian enrollment went up to 100 in 2014. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded and celebrated the Christian soldiers in December at an Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum.

“We are brothers, we are partners – Christians and Jews and Druze and Muslims who defend the State of Israel,” he told the recruits.

The Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL) elimination of Christians in Syria and Iraq also motivated the Israeli Christian to pick up arms. In March, Israel Today reported that a young Christian soldier explained on Facebook “why he and so many young Israeli Christians” join IDF:

‘I will continue to defend and protect the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, the Holy Land,’ wrote George. ‘I have no other country,’ he added, echoing the Jewish cry for the Land of Israel.

George further noted how ludicrous it was for activists on campuses around the world to protest Israel as an ‘apartheid’ state when he and other Arabic-speaking Christians are free to speak out and defend this nation, even as fellow Christians are butchered just for being Christians in a neighboring country.


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