Iran Deal: Supporters Fail to Show at Town Hall– Again

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Charles City, VA

CHARLES CITY, VIRGINIA— A campaign led by supporters of the Iran deal was supposed to make its way Monday into the rural Virginia district held by Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), but nobody showed up.

Pro-Iran deal activists have targeted Town Hall meetings throughout the country while Congress remains in recess until September, when they will vote to approve or disapprove of the nuclear accord with the regime in Tehran.

Hard-line activist organizations, such as MoveOn.Org, the National Iranian-American Council, the Daily Kos, and others, have come together as part of their “60 Days to Stop A War” campaign in order to pressure legislators to vote for the Iran deal.

But Monday’s no-show provides more proof that the pro-deal Astroturf campaign is struggling to gather momentum with everyday Americans, outside of the hard-left and the Iranian expat community.

From Washington, D.C. to California, deal supporters have on multiple occasions only managed to garner a few demonstrators to represent the pro-deal campaign. Sometimes, they don’t show up at all, although they had attempted to mobilize for weeks in advance through their website.

At the town hall meeting, which was attended by a couple dozen constituents, the Congressman went into detail concerning his views about the Iran deal.

“There’s a lot of speculation as to whether or not the deal is a good deal or a bad deal, but one thing I think that is becoming clear is that it is the deal,” Rep. Scott, who remains without an official decision on the deal, said during his Monday Town Hall address to Charles City voters.

“We’re not just dealing with Iran, we’re dealing with other countries around the world, who have all come together and said, ‘this is the deal.’ For those who say that we can walk away from it and people after 2 years of getting a deal are going to come back and try to get another deal then coming back; I think it isn’t going to happen,” Rep. Scott remarked.

“I’m still getting information on it,” the Virginia Congressman concluded.