MSN Takes Down Anti-Semitic Post Asserting Global Jewish Control

Richmond, VA

MSN (Microsoft Service Network) has taken down an anti-Semitic article that was re-posted late Sunday from a Middle East news network. The piece, titled “Extreme Zionist Media,” pushed anti-Semitic conspiracies theories that the plight of Palestinians is largely ignored because the media is “owned and controlled by the Jews.”

Originally appearing in Arab News, A Saudi-owned English-language paper that is headquartered in Jeddah and owned by a member of the royal family, the post was authored by an individual named Yunus Patel, and labeled to have reached the outlet “by email.”

“Just imagine had some Palestinians killed an Israeli baby, the Jewish media would have made it world’s top news headlines screaming for days how the ‘Islamist’ terrorists forced Israel to rightly up the security and how it is important for Israel to have nukes,” the author writes.

While some anti-Semitic writers tend to hide under the term “Zionists” to describe the Jewish people as a whole, the author of the Arab News piece had no qualms with targeting Jews directly.

Concerning Israel’s Operation Protective Edge last year, when IDF forces squared off against Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the writer adds: Today there have been more than 55 such massacres with the recent ones in 2014 when the Jews bombed Gaza for days, and the July 2015 incident when Jews murdered an 18-month-old baby and its father.”

The Jewish-controlled media always has hidden motives when it comes to reporting the news, the scribe adds, explaining:

If the shooting of Malala, a young Pakistani girl, became world news, it was not because the world had any empathy with her, or they cared about Malala, but because the Jewish media and anti-Islam forces, backed by western countries, found in the incident an opportunity to target Islam and its sincere followers by tarnishing the image of our religion.

For further evidence of global Jewish control, just look at what happened with “the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe,” he concludes. It got “more coverage and condemnation than the murder of the 18-month old baby in Palestine,” according to Patel.