The Most Dramatic Photos of Europe’s Migrant Crisis

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The Associated Press

People from Africa and the Middle East continue to flood into Europe, seeking a better life and stability for their families. While the media reports each new arrival, nothing speaks louder than pictures of these people risking their lives to reach Europe. The migrant crisis continues unabated throughout the continent this week.

A photo of a Syrian boy who washed up on a Turkish beach has captivated the world this week, prompting international outrage from both supporters and opponents of granting asylum to these refugees.

As the crisis has developed throughout the year, hundreds of photos spanning Spain to Turkey tell the story of these deadly journeys. Some end in safety, but many have ended in tragedy.

Authorities report that Italy, Malta, and Greece have received the greatest number of migrants.


The people pay smugglers to travel on boats not meant for human cargo, packed in tightly. There is no food, water, shelter, or bathroom.

Countries erected fences years ago to prevent illegal border crossings, but the structures have not been able to stop people like the man in the photo below. His expression alone shows the world what these people will do to escape poverty, war, and destruction.

Boat rides are incredibly dangerous because many people do not know how to swim, coming from landlocked countries.

Personnel from European countries have done everything they can to help those who manage to survive the deadly journey.

Once these people reach land, they often want to keep going deeper into Europe. Macedonia and Hungary are the latest land-locked countries to receive thousands of migrants. Families are desperate to move to nations like France and the UK, where they believe they can find a better life.



A man sits with his daughter (ROBERT ATANASOVSKI/AFP/Getty Images)




On multiple occasions, the migrants have interrupted mass transit by rushing trains and attempting to smuggle themselves onboard.

Migrants delayed a Eurostar train in Calais, France, in order to enter Britain. They delayed a train for over 16 hours.

A photographer captured one man cutting into a truck to sneak into the UK.