Iran’s Khamenei: No Deal Unless U.S. Lifts Sanctions Immediately


Iranian dictator Ali Khamenei said Thursday that there will be no nuclear deal with the United States unless the Obama administration lifts sanctions from the Islamic Republic immediately once the accord goes into effect.

“If the sanctions are not going to be removed, then there will be no deal,” the “Supreme Leader” told Iran’s Assembly of Experts, in remarks broadcast on state-television.

“We insisted (since the beginning of the negotiations) that sanctions ought to be lifted, not suspended,” Iran’s dictator added, before threatening to triple uranium enrichment if the United States did not succumb to his demands.

Khamenei added:

If on certain matters we compromised and gave concessions on certain issues, it was primarily to remove sanctions. Otherwise what need was there to negotiate? We would have continued our work and the 19,000 centrifuges that we have. In a short time we could have reached 50,000 or 60,000 centrifuges, and continue 20% enrichment and speed up development and research.

Iran’s theocratic ruler went on to cast doubt about the Americans’ ability to following the deal properly.

“Don’t say that the Americans make these speeches to satisfy domestic opponents. Of course, I believe the domestic fight in America is real and they have differences and the reason for this difference is clear to us. But what is officialy said needs a response, and if it is not answered the words of the opposing side will take hold,” he said.

Khamenei said that he believes Iran’s parliament should vote on whether to approve the deal.

“I have told the president (Hassan Rouhani) that it is not in our interest to let our lawmakers review the deal,” he concluded.

However, it remains unclear if the parliamentary vote would have any legal binding, because the Supreme Leader, who has ultimate authority over the country, could simply overrule the vote.


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