A Prayer from Matt Drudge

Carl Court, Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report sent a message Sunday morning excoriating Pope Francis during his trip to Cuba, depicting the head of the Catholic Church alongside Raul Castro and suggesting Francis would rather ignore the plight of political dissidents than endanger his warm welcome from the Castro regime.


Activists have criticized the Pope for failing to plan any meetings with Cuban political dissidents during his visit to the Communist Caribbean nation–while the government flagrantly and contemporaneously persecutes its Catholics. Just last week, the government violently arrested more than 50 protesters, mostly women, after attending Sunday mass.

In the week before the trip, a reporter asked Francis about Havana’s record on human rights and religious freedom, prompting only a tepid response of, essentially, “other countries are just as bad.”

But returning to human rights, and religious freedom. Just think of the world. There are some countries and also some European countries where you cannot make a sign of religion, for different reasons, and on other continents the same.Yes. Religious liberty is not present in all the world, there are many place that do not have it.

Francis is reportedly the agent who moved the United States to thaw relations with Cuba–without any concessions from the Castro regime on human rights or sponsoring terrorism.


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