Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins Infuriate Left with Islam Critique

Richard Dawkins (L) and Bill Maher APFiona HansonHBOJanet Van Ham
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Washington, DC

Bill Maher and world-renowned biologist Richard Dawkins took Islam to task during the former’s Real Time show on HBO this weekend, leading liberals to engage in a series of meltdowns nationwide.

Noting that they were both Atheists, and that all religion is “f*****g stupid,” the two agreed that followers of Islam are a “protected species.”

Dawkins said he was “shocked” at how universities are engaging in a “betrayal” of free-speech movements that were led by the liberals of previous generations. He asked: “If you can’t speak your mind on a university campus, where can you?”

Maher added: “This notion that somehow Islam and Muslims are a protected species, that if we talk about them at all, or criticize them at all, it’s somehow hurting or humiliating Muslims. It’s a ridiculous idea.”

“It’s confused with racism as well,” Dawkins interjected. “An incredible amount of people think Islam is a race.”

“Oh, I’ve heard that,” Maher laughed.

“So they think that if you you criticize Islam you’re being racist and you’re absolutely right that the regressive Muslims give a free pass to Islam,” Dawkins said. “But in the case of Islam, it just gets a free pass and I think it is because of the terror of being thought racist.”

“At worst, an Islamophobe,” Maher suggested. “A silly word that means nothing.”

“Its so dumb because all of the people being accused of being Islamophobes, like you and me and Sam (Harris), we’re liberals. We’re liberals about everything,” Maher explained in his critique of the modern progressive movement.

The left now freaks out “if you say something about a woman who is forced to wear a bee-keeper’s suit in the hot sun all day,” Maher complained about the niqab.

“Oh, that’s their culture, you have to respect it,” Dawkins joked. “The hell with their culture,” he concluded.

The left responded to their critique predictably, and with fury.

At the Daily Beast, author Melissa Leon, writing a heavily-editorialized summary of their remarks, said that “You can imagine Maher’s glee” when Dawkins decided to go on the offensive against Islamic supremacists.

At the far-left, Sarah Burris penned a column titled, “Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins don’t understand why people hate them.” She explained that “educated people” have an “important responsibility” to discuss topics in a manner that is acceptable to

The radical-left website Alternet, in its defense of the silencing of Islam-critics, added a piece titled, “Richard Dawkins & Bill Maher Still Baffled Why So Many Liberals Think They’re Bigots — Here’s Why.”


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