Huffington Post Cites Hamas Media in Anti-Israel Hit Piece

AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed
AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed

Amid widespread terrorism being carried out by Palestinian jihadists throughout the State of Israel and the West Bank, the Huffington Post carried an incredibly misleading title in a report on Palestinian rioting, headlined: “Undercover Gunmen Open Fire At Palestinian Stone-Throwers.”

After hours of being pelted by rocks, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) succeeded in infiltrating a Palestinian riot mob by using undercover agents to infiltrate the group’s hierarchy and stop the mob from causing injuries and destruction.

In writing the piece, the Huffington Post’s Jessica Schulberg used the term “gunmen” a whopping six times in the 350-word story to describe the undercover operatives, likening them to the terrorists that they were apprehending, even as IDF spokesman Peter Lerner identified the fake rioters as members of the IDF’s special forces “Duvdevan” unit.

Additionally, Schulberg cites a tweet incorrectly stating that the undercover operatives incited the riots. In fact, as multiple outlets have reported, various Palestinian mobs were pelting innocents with rocks for hours beforehand.

Also, the event occurred in the context of a Palestinian terror uprising against Israel’s Jews, an important point that was completely omitted by the Huffington Post. Instead, the writer focused on the Palestinians injured by rubber bullets after they decided to throw rocks at IDF forces near Ramallah.

In addition to the inherent bias of the text in the report, Huffington Post pulled video of the incident from Shehab News Agency, a media organization with deep ties to Hamas, according to the Palestinian Authority. Additionally, Shehab News posts content on social media platforms calling for the killing of Jews. The video produced by Shehab News is selectively edited to only show the part when Israeli forces were arresting the terrorists and not the hours during which they were throwing rocks at the IDF.

Concluding her piece, Schulberg writes about how Israeli authorities recently voted to allow for security forces to use live-fire against rock-throwers. The reporter again omitted very important context. The move came after Palestinian rock throwers almost killed a baby when they threw stones at a Jewish family who committed the heinous crime of driving through a West Bank village.