Business Insider: Far Right Nationalist Parties Make Massive Gains in Europe

AP Photo/Francois Mori
AP Photo/Francois Mori

From Mike Bird writing at Business Insider:

European nationalist parties are enjoying a worrying surge of support on the back of the continent’s migrant crisis, a development that has been largely overlooked.

The rise of far-right parties in Europe — like the Front National in France or Golden Dawn in Greece — has been a major story over the last few years, but recent developments have received much less attention even though their gains have been more dramatic.

In several elections in the last month, radical parties to the right of Europe’s mainstream conservatives are gaining strength. Opinion polls in other countries paint the same picture.

Few people pay attention to Swiss elections, and most people can’t name the country’s political leaders. Since most major decisions go to referendums, either at the national or local level, there’s not quite as much for legislators to do. But this weekend the populist and right-wing Swiss People’s Party won 29.4% of the vote, the largest proportion ever, after a campaign that focused on migration. According to the BBC it is being referred to as a “rechtsrutsch,” or a slide to the right.

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