Poll: 52% Believe Accepting Refugees Makes America Less Safe

Migrant Crime
Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

In the wake of Friday night’s devastating terror attacks in Paris, President Obama has called those concerned with accepting Syrian refugees “un-American.” MSNBC sometimes-anchor Brian Williams calls them “anti-refugee.” According to a Reuters poll taken over the weekend, and as you would expect, both Obama and Williams are out of touch with a majority of the country.

A full 52% of those polled said “nations which accept refugees fleeing the strife in Syria are less safe.”

A plurality of 41% said that “countries should stop accepting refugees because of the threat of terrorism.”

Forty-percent want countries to continue to accept refugees.

Obama has already promised to flood our country with tens of thousands of Syrian refugees. While Democrats and their allies in the DC Media will attempt to portray those opposed as racist, the truth is that most people are uneasy with the federal government’s competence when it comes to vetting refugees.

The federal government could not vet an American company competent enough to build the ObamaCare website.

The federal government could not vet American executives capable of handling the Veterans Administration.

The federal government could not vet  ethical employees to man the IRS.

And finally, the same Tsarnaev brothers who set off multiple bombs at the Boston Marathon in 2013 were both refugees.

ISIS has sworn to use the Syrian migrant crisis to flood the West with trained terrorists.

We would be fools not to take them at their word.

No one opposes using tax dollars and our expertise to build and protect refugees camps in the Middle East. But Obama and the DC Media would prefer to keep us divided instead of united under a common cause that would protect as many refugees as needed and keep them close to home once the region settles to some sort of normalcy.

How exactly is it good for America and Americans — and therefore Constitutional — to spend billions of dollars to bring people here?

No one can answer that. They just scream, “Shut up racist.”


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