Media Fail: 61% Opposed Obama’s Refugee Program — Prior to San Bernardino!


ISIS has promised to seed Syrian refugees with terrorists, and in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, a majority of Americans decided it was wise to suspend the Syrian refugee program. The backlash from our arrogant, bubble-dumb DC Media was immediate: For weeks we were attacked as racists. The good news is that a new poll taken by CNN proves once again that the DC Media no longer has the power it once did to sway public opinion.

A full 61% oppose Obama’s refugee program. Only 38% approve.

Not only did the DC Media fail to emotionally blackmail good old common sense Americans into agreeing to a suicidal refugee program, the worst news for the media is that the CNN poll was taken before the recent terror attack in San Bernardino.

Now that the American people know that one of the Islamic savages responsible for the butchering of 14 innocent Americans got into the country on a visa using a phony address in Saudi Arabia, these numbers will only harden and increase.

While being a refugee is not the same as someone here  on a fiancé visa, to common sense Americans, it will almost certainly be seen as a distinction without a difference. Because no matter how you slice it, the federal government let a jihadist slip into our country, and 14 innocent people and their loved ones paid the ultimate price.

All it takes is one, and with Obama promising to import 100,000 Syrian refugees, even if the federal government is 99.99% accurate in its screening, that still means one gets through. And no one with an IQ above room temperature believes this government is anywhere near that effective.

This is a huge blow for a DC Media that coordinated a two-weeklong, full-frontal assault on this issue, and not only failed to move the needle but, in the wake of San Bernardino, once again exposed themselves as more concerned with defending Barack Obama than with the safety of Americans.

It is just a fact that the DC Media no longer has the power it once did to shape the debate and withhold information inconvenient to Obama’s left-wing agenda.  Not only is trust in the media at a historic low, but New Media offers an alternative that is not afraid to reveal facts inconvenient to Obama’s agenda.


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