UPDATE: French Schoolteacher Admits ‘Making Up’ Islamic State Stabbing Attack

Islamic state

French anti-terrorism authorities are investigating the stabbing of a preschool teacher in a school north of Paris, with the attacker claiming to be a member of Islamic State.

*** UPDATE ***

The teacher who was stabbed has now admitted that he made up the ISIS motive behind the stabbing, and the fact the attacker shouted “this is for ISIS”, the BBC has reported.

The local prosecutor’s office has said the victim is now being questioned as to why he lied about the incident.

The stabbing happened this morning in the Jean Perrin kindergarten in the Parisian suburb of Aubervilliers. Authorities say no children were present, only the teacher and some staff members.

The public prosecutor’s office told Europe 1 that the teacher suffered stab wounds to the throat. The assailant is currently the subject of an ongoing manhunt.

The attacker’s identity remains unclear as he is said to have wore a ski mask and gloves and was dressed in a white painter’s suit. He reportedly arrived unarmed and used a box cutter and some scissors he found in the classroom.

Although it is being reported that the motive is  unknown, the teacher had initially claimed that as well as declaring he was from Islamic State, the attacker said: “This is a warning.”

The teacher is currently in the Lariboisière hospital in Paris, but is believed to be out of danger.

Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem went to the school and promised to ensure security at schools around the country.

“It’s an act of great gravity,” she said.

With files from AP.