Indian Man Sexually Assaults Woman for Five Days to ‘Force Her to Convert to Islam’

Syed Emad Hasan Express news Service

Indian police have arrested 30-year-old systems engineer Syed Emad Hasan after he allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted his 27-year-old ex-colleague for five days “to force her to convert to Islam.”

Hasan and the woman, who has not been named, met when they worked at Dell in Gachibowli, which is a suburb of Hyderabad that houses IT companies and professionals.

Hasan proposed to the woman, but she turned him down. She told him her family “would not allow an inter-religious marriage.”

Hasan allegedly “physically and sexually assaulted the woman for five days to force her to convert to Islam and marry him.” He also tore up her passport.

“The victim left for Dubai in September, 2015 on office work,” stated the “She Team” of the police, which is a special unit designated to cases of abused women. “The accused continued to torture her on social media and phone threatening her of uploading obscene pictures and matter and compelled her to marry him. He forced her to leave Dubai and came to Hyderabad and marry him at any cost.”

The woman returned to the city to speak one-on-one with Hasan to stop the harassment.

“He picked her from the airport itself and took her to his flat situated at Toli chowki. From then onwards, he took away her phone, passwords of her e-mail, Facebook, and started using them in her name. She was denied access to anybody,” explained the police.

The woman allegedly negotiated access to her social media accounts in the last two days. When Hasan left for an hour, she turned a browser into incognito mode to message a friend on Facebook, who then contacted her brother.

“The survivor’s friend then alerted her brother in Karnataka. Her brother came to Hyderabad on Monday morning. He along with the survivor’s friend approached us. We immediately dispatched a team and rescued her,” stated the police.

They added: “When the team reached there, the victim was found confined in a bathroom and she was in a state of shock with injuries on her head and face. She was rescued from the accused, who had confined her under threat.”

In 2014, the Hyderabad Police established the “She Teams” to “check harassment of women in public places.” From The New Indian Express:

To be called ‘She’ teams, their members will keep a tight vigil at places where sexual harassment is common.

Each team comprises five police personnel and they have been provided small cameras to record the movements of suspects.

Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy told reporters that the teams will mingle with the general public, including women to keep an eye on the suspects.

He said the measure was aimed at dealing with all cases of harassment of women including physical and mental abuse.