Benghazi Families Push Back Against Clinton for Calling Them Liars

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After screening the new movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazithe families of the Benghazi dead described the film as a powerful experience that was sometimes difficult for them to watch.

They stood by their account of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blaming a YouTube video for the attack at the memorial service for their loved ones, and promising to take down the person who made the video.

They are not happy about Clinton calling them liars, especially Sean Smith’s mother Pat, who tearfully told Fox News she “couldn’t handle” seeing her son’s death represented on-screen, and sobbed “Hillary is a liar! I know what she told me.”

When host Megyn Kelly repeated Clinton’s accusation that the Benghazi families were somehow confused about the “fog of war” and misunderstood what she was telling them, Smith replied, “Bullfeathers! That’s just plain old bull. I know what she said, and not only did she say it, but Obama said the same thing to me, and Panetta, and Biden, and Susan Rice… I went up to all of them, begging them to tell me what happened, and they all said that it was the video. Every one of them.”

Later in the interview, Smith said she wanted to “see Hillary in jail” for her misconduct. “She’s been lying.  She’s turned the whole country into a bunch of liars,” she declared.

Charles Woods described the Benghazi families as “honorable people” and said he did not want to “politicize” the death of his son Ty, as he felt that would dishonor his son’s memory… but he brought his 2012 notebook with him to the interview, and read from it the entry where he described giving Clinton a hug and handshake at the memorial event, after which she promised to “have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.”

Woods also defended the honor of the men who fought on the ground in Benghazi. “They risked their lives because of integrity, because of honor. They don’t lie. They have no motivation to lie.”

As Kelly points out, the film is renewing the controversy over “stand-down orders,” an issue Obama and Clinton supporters fervently hoped had been put to bed. There are still witnesses who insist assets that could have made a difference in the battle were told to stand down, while others insist no such order was given, and no effective force could have made it to the scene of the attack in time.

In fact, House Benghazi Committee chairman Trey Gowdy clarified on Wednesday that there are actually two separate “stand-down” issues: he said “there were no assets that could have gotten there” fast enough to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens and embassy employee Sean Smith, but it was “eminently fair” to ask if it would have been possible to assist their defenders, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. 13 Hours seems likely to renew the controversy about what happened to Doherty and Woods.

Charles Woods made the point that without a stand-down order, if his son and Glen Doherty had known help was on the way, they would have made different decisions in the heat of battle. If 13 Hours is a hit, Hillary Clinton will face an enormous tide of public opinion that she, President Obama, and the rest of the leadership in Washington should have done more for the men on the front lines, both before and during the attack.

The media had obvious reasons to suppress the story of what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did, during and after the Benghazi attack, but they have also had to suppress the story of battlefield valor on September 11, 2012, because it reflects so poorly on their precious Democrat politicians. Only now will much of America understand what brave warriors did on that day. They were not trying to manage a riot. They died in battle against a savage enemy.

President Obama testified to the power and skill of the U.S. military in his final State of the Union address. Every foreign-policy disaster of his Administration – from Benghazi, through the rise of ISIS, to Iranian war criminals humiliating captive American sailors with impunity – demonstrates that when savages are up against the best military in history, with the worst political leadership, they only have to worry about defeating the latter.


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