Dr. Ben Carson ‘Very Pleased’ Americans ‘Illegally Imprisoned’ by Iran Being Released

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Washington, DC

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson commented on the return of four Americans that were being held in Iran, reportedly in exchange for seven Iranians that have been held or charged in the United States.

“I am very pleased that four American citizens, who were illegally imprisoned by Iran in flagrant violation of longstanding international human rights norms, have finally been released,” Carson stated on Saturday. “I am overjoyed for the families and friends of Jason Rezaian, Amir Hekmat, Saeed Abedni and a fourth American who remains unidentified.”

However, the fact remains that President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran is fatally flawed and gravely jeopardizes the national security interests of the American people, our ally Israel and other peaceful nations in the Middle East and around the world. Furthermore, the disastrous agreement will release more than $100 billion to Iran and allow it to continue exporting terrorism around the world and threaten the United States and its allies. If I am elected President, I will withdraw from this dangerous agreement on Day One.

According to the Associated Press, “U.S. officials say the four Americans, including Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, former Marine Amir Hekmati and pastor Saeed Abidini, were to be flown from Iran to Switzerland on a Swiss plane and then brought to a U.S. military base in Landstuhl, Germany, for medical treatment.”