Red Dragon Rising: China’s Threat to America Grows Daily

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This article was written by Daniel John Sobieski and was originally published by the American Thinker:

If President Obama thinks climate change is our greatest national security threat, he’d be wise to ponder the change in the global climate of a volley of Chinese DF-21D “carrier-killer” missiles destroying an American carrier battle group on its way to counter, say,  a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

This very real possibility was seen as the DF-21D, equipped with a terminal guidance system that gives it the ability to hit moving targets, was shown off in a military parade last September.  As Investor’s Business Daily (IB) noted in January 2015:

The DF-21D, a road-mobile anti-ship ballistic missile, is designed to target and track aircraft carrier groups with the help of satellites, unmanned aircraft and over-the-horizon radar. Launched into space, the DF-21D re-enters the atmosphere and maneuvers at 10 times the speed of sound toward its target.

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