Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Socialism Means ‘Promising Perfection, Promising Paradise,’ But Delivering Venezuela

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Heritage Foundation/Youtube

Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday to talk about the chaos in Venezuela, which is disintegrating into economic madness, lawless chaos, and possible civil war.

“How did this happen so quickly?” asked host Tucker Carlson, to which Dr. Gorka replied, “Left-wing politics.”

“This is what happens when you actually create a socialist state,” Gorka elaborated. “This is the recipe. Karl Marx never creates utopias. He creates disasters. Venezuela is the wake-up call to all those millennials who think Bernie’s going to create paradise on Earth.”

Gorka recalled his own family’s experiences with socialism in Hungary.

He said:

My parents were in Hungary after World War II, which was a nation behind the Iron Curtain, taken over by the Soviets. And in the space of just six years, this country went from being one of the most advanced nations in Western Europe, the co-partner to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and it became a basket case.”

“As soon as more and more power was taken by the Communist Party, the economy tanked,” he continued. “My father was in prison as a anti-Communist agitator. He was forced to work in a coal mine by the Communists because the economy doesn’t work. When you break the laws of supply and demand, then everything goes south.”

“Venezuela is the sixth-richest oil nation in the world,” Gorka pointed out, adding:

They now have rationing of food. The president – listen to this – said to women, “Don’t use hair dryers because we don’t have the power from the power stations to run your hair dryers.” It’s like Monty Python, but that’s the reality of socialism and eventually communism.

Gorka explained why socialist ideals continued to hold sway on the Left, despite the awful failures in nations like Hungary and Venezuela.

“In 1989, on November 9th, we won the argument. The people on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain took down the Berlin Wall. They said basta – enough,” he recalled. “But 20 years later, 25 years later, it’s back. Two reasons why: because the Left distorts history. They have this argument – ‘Oh, it’s not socialism itself; it was just badly implemented.’ Wrong. It’s socialism itself.”

“And then, secondly, this appeals to the youth, I guess. I’m a little bit older than the millennials – you’re promising perfection. You’re promising paradise,” he continued. “And as a conservative, you know you can’t perfect human beings. You should just get out of their lives and allow them to have liberty to run their own existence. The Left says, ‘No, we will give you perfection,’ and that’s where the danger begins.”