Dr. Tawfik Hamid: Sharia Compliance Is a Death Sentence for Gays, ‘You Have to Throw Them from the Top of a Cliff or Burn Them Alive’

ISIS militants executing a gay man in Fallujah by throwing him off a building.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid, one of the world’s leading experts on radical Islamist ideology, joined SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to offer his analysis of the Orlando terrorist attack at a gay nightclub.

“As I see it, it’s simply sharia in action,” he said, dismissing a variety of other half-hearted explanations offered for Omar Mateen’s murderous actions. “He is practicing sharia law, Islamic law, that until today — up until this very moment — justifies killing gays.”

He said some Islamic scholars may attempt to claim that what Mateen did is “un-Islamic,” but that’s really just because of the execution method he chose. “From their point of view, to kill gays in an Islamic or sharia way, you have to throw them from the top of a cliff or burn them alive,” he explained. “To throw them from the top of a mountain, or a cliff, to have their bones broken, and then let them die in pain, or burn them alive – that is the Islamic way.”

“When they come and say it’s ‘un-Islamic,’ that’s a form of deception. If the Islamic scholars are truly genuine in denouncing what happened, they should come to the whole world next Friday and pray.” Hamid challenged. “I’m inviting them now, to come and say it clearly, loudly, and unambiguously, that killing gays is unacceptable, and whoever teaches this is unacceptable. But as long as they teach that — gays must be killed, and adulterers should be stoned to death, and apostates should be killed, then we are having a problem, because anywhere they implement sharia law, we will face such a disaster.”

He said the Orlando murders were an example of how “sharia law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution,” because “according to sharia law, the gays must be killed, and adulterers must be stoned to death,” while “according to the U.S. Constitution, they are kept alive.”

“It’s a complete contradiction. Can you keep the same person dead and alive at the same time?” he asked. “If you can do this, then sharia is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. But as long as this is impossible, then we have to be very frank with ourselves. We have to point our fingers to the real cause — that this man was a religious person. He gave dedication to ISIS, and he called the 911 saying this clearly. He was religious, he was practicing the Islamic law that’s being practiced all over the countries that adhere to sharia as their law. He’s not really creating something out of his mind. He’s simply implementing and applying sharia law.”

When Bannon asked if ISIS has brought the war to Main Street America through attacks like Orlando, San Bernardino, and other actions, Hamid replied, “Yes, certainly, and I have no hesitation in saying this — and what’s coming will be even worse, in my view.”

Hamid predicted the terrorism problem would get worse because jihadis would be able to use advanced technology to slip across the porous American border, where they can attack with “much more sophisticated weapons.”

“For those who are using this incident to say that the problem is in the guns, let me raise one simple question: if the perpetrator of the attack, Omar Mateen, used a car to go into the crowd, to kill as many as he could, would the Administration decide that car should not be allowed to the American people, because he used a car? So if ISIS started using cars to attack people, and to drive cars into crowds to kill as many as they could, would we stop using cars?”

Hamid said the real problem is “the ideology that can spread to us via the Internet, or physically via terrorists, through immigration — through many jihadis to infiltrate our border through refugee issues, for example, coming from unknown areas in the world that can harbor terrorists.”

“They are a real threat, both physically and ideologically,” he warned.

Bannon asked Hamid if the U.S. media was effectively operating under “blasphemy laws” already, by refusing to discuss Islamist ideology, instead frantically seeking other explanations for Mateen’s atrocity — everything from mental illness to steroid abuse.

Hamid agreed that the media was trying to make the situation appear “un-Islamic,” but “irrespective of what they are saying, the reality is that it is Islamic, as it is told in the Islamic books, and certainly the media is not really trying to address the issue in an honest and scientific manner.”

“They are trying to use it politically. They are trying to dilute what is happening, to avoid any backlash against the Muslim community. But believe me, things will not change until the Muslim leadership, and the Muslim scholars, and organized relations, clearly and unambiguously denounce the barbaric sharia principles of killing gays, of killing apostates, of stoning women to death, of declaring jihad and taking sex slaves after declaring wars on non-Muslims.”

“If this is the standard teaching, what do you think the outcome will be from any religious Muslim?” he asked. “If they do not offer them an alternative teaching, an alternative understanding of the religion, then certainly the problem is big, and what the media is trying to do is trying to dilute the situation, trying to direct it away from its real cause, which is the Islamic ideology, as I see it.”

Dr. Hamid’s book, Inside Jihad: How Radical Islam Works; Why It Should Terrify Us; How to Defeat It, is available from Amazon.com.

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