Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Obama Administration’s ‘Arrogance’ Plus ‘Fantasyland Narrative’ on Islam Puts America in Danger

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Breitbart News Senior National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Thursday night, to discuss the revelation that law enforcement agencies have been instructed to withhold records pertaining to the Orlando jihad attack from the public.

Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, also a guest on the program, said this information was being kept secret because “it hurts the narrative.”

“The one thing the Obama Administration will do at all costs is protect the narrative that Islam is a religion of peace,” said Peters. “It’s gone into the realms of the absurd. Nobody believes it. But this is the hard-left approach. You just stick to the party line.”

“If they finally admitted that Islamist terrorism has something to do with Islam, the whole rationale for their foreign policy collapses. Their security policy is built on quicksand – which we know it is. And of course Obama’s pride comes into it. He doesn’t admit he’s wrong. So it’s become more important to preserve the myth than it has been to protect the American people,” Peters charged.

Hannity observed that the Administration’s determination to preserve its favored narrative has become a “pathological obsession.”

“Sean, if you want to see just how pathological it is, watch the video that was just posted from the Senate Judiciary Hearing this week,” said Dr. Gorka. “Senator Cruz asked the director of the DHS, why are there no more mentions of the word ‘jihad’ in DHS documents? Why have official training manuals been scrubbed? It’s exactly as Col. Peters says: there is a narrative that must be maintained at all costs.”

Hannity played a few cuts from the video Gorka described, which showed Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson responding to Cruz’s questions about the scrubbing by saying he has no idea what his department is doing with those training manuals, and isn’t particularly interested in finding out.

“It’s important to understand two things are coming together, Sean,” said Gorka. “It’s what Ralph just mentioned: the house of cards policies of the United States, that have helped engender the creation of ISIS, it is a narrative that must be maintained at all costs.”

“And then you just saw the Director of Homeland Security ooze arrogance, that he’s not going to answer this, ‘I wouldn’t know Phil Haney if he walked into the room’ is what he said,” Gorka continued, accurately quoting Johnson’s dismissal of DHS whistleblower Philip Haney, who has said his extensive research into Islamist networks in the U.S. was destroyed in a fit of Obama Administration political correctness.

“If you add the arrogance to the fantasyland narrative, we are in danger, Sean, and this Administration will not admit it. That’s why those transcripts will not be released,” Gorka said.  

Peters said the Administration was willing to gamble with American lives because “the idea is more important than flesh-and-blood reality. The theology of the Left, if you will, is.”

“I’m so sick of this, Sean,” Peters declared. “As Dr. Gorka knows very well, and has explained many times to many people, and explained well, you can say many things about Islam. It’s complex, it’s various. But you can’t say it’s a ‘religion of peace.’”

“For those of us in the Christian tradition, the foundation stone is the Sermon on the Mount. For Islam, the foundation is the tribal conquest of Mecca, that puts Mohammed in charge,” he explained. “Jihad isn’t peaceful. Jihad is militant, usually violent, and it has never stopped for fourteen hundred years. Sharia is law for illiterate Bedouins.”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.


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