House GOP’s Proposed $10 Million ‘Anti-Terror’ Fund May Bolster ‘Civilization Jihad’

Obtained by Breitbart News

Last Tuesday, Senators led by Judiciary Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Ted Cruz established that the U.S. government has been willfully blind regarding the true threat posed by Sharia-supremacism in America.

Specifically, they documented that the Obama administration has ignored the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood’s success in using the so-called “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) program to stealthily penetrate Washington and subvert our constitutional republic.

This appalling and dangerous malfeasance was palpably confirmed by a subsequent Senate appearance on Thursday by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. He displayed disdainful disinterest in charges that his agency has been blacklisting words, purging trainers and shutting down investigations that its Muslim interlocutors – which he implicitly confirmed are, without exception, Islamic supremacists – find objectionable.

Incredibly, this week House Republicans are poised to reward and institutionalize such practices – and further implicate their caucus in them. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul have in mind giving Secretary Johnson a new assistant secretary-level bureaucracy with what amounts to a slush fund of $10 million for outreach to so-called “community partners.”

All other things being equal, those “partners” will almost certainly be Muslim Brotherhood front groups. That’s because, while Reps. McCarthy and McCaul, to their credit, propose to excise Team Obama’s preferred characterization of the threat as “violent extremism,” their alternative of “radical Islamist terrorism” would allow the continued embrace of the putatively “non-violent” Brothers as interlocutors with the Muslim-American community and, effectively, as arbiters of U.S. policy.

Make no mistake: As long as the focus remains exclusively on terrorism – instead of the wider global jihad movement, which includes the Sharia-supremacists’ use of influence operations, infrastructure-building (mosques, Islamic societies, cultural centers and fronts) and the rest of what the Muslim Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad” – the Brothers can, and will, continue to subvert us from “inside the wire.”

Since Countering Violent Extremism is designed by its Islamist architects to fail us, it cannot be redirected or redefined. It must be abandoned, dismantled and reversed. U.S. taxpayer resources must go to protecting America, not protecting the Sharia-supremacists in our midst. Congress must not endorse, legitimate, institutionalize or otherwise enable CVE, whether as practiced by the Obama administration or under any other name.

The goal of any new congressional initiative must instead be securing “Victory Over Jihad” (VOJ). Those whose adherence to Sharia obliges them to strive to replace our Constitution with their totalitarian, supremacist doctrine are enemies, not “partners.” They must not be allowed to wage jihad against us simply because they use what are more accurately characterized as pre-violent techniques for advancing this goal (notably, subversive influence operations, lawfare, infiltration, migration, material support for terrorism, etc.), rather than violent ones.

We do not need a new bureaucracy and funding to institutionalize and facilitate more of a failed approach. “Community partnering” must be with anti-jihadist Muslims, not Islamic supremacists.

Victory Over Jihad will require the sustained pursuit of a comprehensive, fact-based approach involving all instruments of national power at the federal, state and local levels and, wherever possible, the help of like-minded allies.

Members of the House Republican Caucus must understand and take the lead in addressing this reality: We simply cannot afford to perpetuate what is, at best, official willful blindness and at worst, our first-defenders’ unilateral disarmament. There is no acceptable substitute for Victory Over Jihad.

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