Gorka at Trump Townhall: Hillary as President Would Endanger American Lives

Fox News

Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, joined a town hall on terrorism Tuesday evening, hosted by Sean Hannity of Fox News. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was also in attendance.

Dr. Gorka said Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “do not understand the reality” that “the war is real, and the war is here, the victims are here.”

“This is a threat that is real, and is escalating every day,” he warned. “ISIS makes between two and four million dollars every 24 hours. It has captured territory larger than the U.K., with six million people living on their territory, and has recruited 80,000 jihadis.”

Hannity noted that “every 84 hours, there’s another attack.”

“There’s this hell hole in Iraq and Syria. Outside of the battle zone, every 84 hours since June, there has been a jihadi attack somewhere,” Gorka agreed.

Hannity asked Gorka if he thought the security policies advocated by Trump would make Americans safer from the threat of terrorism.

“Absolutely,” Gorka replied. “Let’s take politics out of the equation. We have killed, or arrested, 108 people linked to ISIS in the last two years, in America. Linked to ISIS – not al Qaeda and ISIS, just ISIS. If you don’t have borders, you don’t have security.”

“We don’t have to be the face of this war,” Gorka aid, when Hannity asked if ISIS can be defeated without involving American ground troops. “It has to be our allies in the region. This is why Mr. Trump’s speech was essential. It has to be our Muslim buddies – the Jordanians, who have suffered so much, the Egyptians, absolutely.”

“The Saudis?” Hannity asked.

“We’ll talk about that later,” Gorka quipped, to laughter from the town hall audience. “It has to be the Jordanians, the Egyptians, who are the face of this war.  We can provide the training, the special forces advisers, but we don’t need to be the face of this war.”

He said the most important point from Trump’s recent foreign policy speech was that “this is an ideological war, like the Cold War.”

“We have got to destroy the brand of jihad,” Gorka urged.

Trump fielded a question from Hannity about his proposal to establish a safe haven for refugees in Syria, rather than importing huge numbers of unvetted refugees into the United States and Europe.

“They’ve got plenty of land in Syria, that I can tell you. And there’s plenty of money, because you look at the Gulf states, the kind of money they have, nobody’s seen money like that. And they’re not doing anything,” Trump said.

Listing the many intelligence and law-enforcement experts who have warned jihadists will infiltrate the United States by riding the refugee tide, Hannity asked, “Is Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, gambling with the lives of these American people by taking them in?”

“If Hillary Clinton becomes the Commander-in-Chief, and continues the policies of this Administration, American lives will be endangered,” Gorka stated. “It is that simple.”

“Is it fair to say they’ll have blood on their hands, if refugees kill Americans?” Hannity asked.

“They already do,” Gorka replied.  


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