Gorka: Obama’s Middle East Policy a ‘Dangerous Mix of Ignorance and Arrogance’

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Jim Young/Reuters

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, national security editor for Breitbart News and author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, appeared on Fox News on Thursday evening to discuss his contention that the Obama administration was “the most anti-Israel U.S. administration since Israel was created.”

Gorka said Obama’s team held this animus against Israel from the “get-go.”

“I think if you look at this past eight years, what is the track record of U.S. foreign policy, really?” he asked. “Let’s just look at what the legacy is. The legacy is that whoever you are, if you love America, if you want to be our friend, this administration will abandon you and will weaken you.”

“Remember, the people who helped President Obama get elected were sent by this administration to Israel, to try to defeat the re-election of Prime Minister Netanyahu,” he pointed out. “That tells you everything.”

He continued:

If you are inimical to U.S. values, if you are a terrorist-sponsoring state like Iran, if you are an individual or a nation, a leader, that rejects everything the Founding Fathers fought for, then you will be mollycoddled. You will be assisted. You will be empowered. That is the Alice in Wonderland world of U.S. foreign policy in the last eight years.

“And I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t wait for January the 20th because we’re going to do a 180 with this nation. We will treat our friends as friends, and our enemies will be on notice,” Gorka anticipated.

He believes the Obama administration “simply can’t help themselves” when it comes to making trouble for both Israel and the incoming Trump team.

“They can’t resist. They’re so driven by their partisan ideology,” he said, adding:

I asked a friend of mine, who’s a senior State Department official, and he was really for this. He said, “Wow, we really showed ’em this time.” And I said, “Does it change anything? Is it going to bring us a solution?” And he said, “No, not at all.” Then what are you talking about? Why did you do this? Totally unnecessary.

“In medicine, there’s something called the Hippocratic Oath. And it says, whatever you’re going to do as a doctor, your first rule is ‘do no harm.’ This administration, it’s the opposite,” said Gorka. “Whatever we do, turn over the table, throw gasoline on the fire, throw firecrackers into the room. It simply is the opposite of common sense, and it has to be ideological.”

He said ongoing U.S. financial support for Israel, such as the recent $38 billion aid package, was “just another piece of how schizophrenic this administration is.”

“Remember, this is the administration that was, ‘We’re gonna lead from behind.’ That was our bumper sticker. Wars in the Middle East are bad,” Gorka recalled. “What did the Obama administration do? In the first nine months of the Obama administration, the first nine months, this anti-war president killed more people with drone strikes than President Bush did in four years.”

“This is the lack of consistency. It’s the dangerous mix of when you add ignorance to arrogance,” he said. “When you add those two things together, this is what you get.”

Gorka’s advice for incoming President Trump began with acknowledging that “the resolutions of the Security Council are raised to the level of international law, so there’s nothing we can do about that unilaterally.”

“However, as the highest donor to the United Nations, as the most important, powerful nation in the world, we have a lot of leverage,” he asserted, adding:

The people who supported this, the ten nations who supported this, will be punished – whether it’s economically, whether it’s diplomatically, or whether it’s just rhetorically. They will be frozen out, at least for a period of time. That’s clear from just the statements made already by President-elect Trump.

“What can we do in the Middle East? In the Middle East, the first thing that has to be done – and I’ve been saying this again and again and again. I’ve told General Flynn, other people on the transition team, look, the first the we have to do is, we have to win back our friends,” Gorka declared.

“There are people bleeding right now, Muslims bleeding for us and for our values in the Middle East,” he explained. “Remember that Jordanian fighter pilot, burned alive by ISIS. The nations of the Middle East that should be our friends, like Jordan, like Egypt, have been completely neglected and abandoned sometimes – like Egypt – by this administration.”

“The first thing the new Commander-in-Chief has to do is to build back those relationships because they have to trust us if we are going to stabilize the Middle East. And that’s what I expect Donald Trump to do,” he advised.

As for the timing of Obama’s betrayal of Israel at the United Nations, Gorka said he couldn’t speak for the administration’s strategists, but thought the most obvious explanation might be accurate: “sheer bloody-mindedness.”

“They’re doing it because they can do it,” he ventured. “They want to send a message to all those people who are with them, who think that Israel is the evil force in the Middle East, and despite being surrounded by millions and millions of people who wish to do it harm, that somehow they are the dark force of the region.”

“For somebody that lives in the real world, that understands who our true friends are, I have no explanation for you. Please, knock on the door of the White House,” he suggested.

Asked to guess if Obama was more interested in settling old scores with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or making life difficult for President-elect Trump, Gorka replied:

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I find them immensely entertaining, but they’re called “theories” for a reason, because they’re not facts. And having watched the last eight years, I don’t see Machiavellian strategists in the White House. I see a person with an M.A. in fictional writing called Ben Rhodes as the deputy national security adviser.

“These guys aren’t Kissingers. These guys aren’t big brains. They don’t have a master plan. It is sheer, willful bloody-mindedness, and done out of spite,” Gorka told host Eric Bolling. “If I had to put money on it, Eric, it was done in a fit of pique to say, ‘We could do this, and we’re going to do it to you. Happy Christmas. Happy Chanukah.’”


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