Chinese State Media Op-Ed Calls for Trump Impeachment for Making America a ‘Loser’

US President Donald Trump says he thinks China wants a deal on trade, but it has to be "fair"

Chinese state propaganda outlet Global Times declared on Thursday that the United States is the real “loser” from President Donald Trump’s “nonsensical” policies on trade.

In an op-ed, Professor of Economics at the University of California Berkeley J. Bradford DeLong argues that Trump’s ongoing trade war with China is “nonsensical,” citing his recent threats of tariffs against Harley Davidson motorcycles should they move some of their operations abroad.

“Needless to say, none of this is normal,” he writes. “Trump’s statements are dripping with contempt for the rule of law. And none of them rises to the level of anything that could be called trade policy, let alone governance. It is as if we have returned to the days of Henry VIII, an impulsive, deranged monarch who was surrounded by a gaggle of plutocrats, lickspittles, and flatterers, all trying to advance their careers while keeping the ship of state afloat.”

The piece goes on to call for Trump’s impeachment as he is “incapable of executing the duties of his office in good faith,” adding that Vice President Mike Pence should invoke the 25th amendment that would remove Trump from office.

“Trump is clearly incapable of executing the duties of his office in good faith,” reads the article. “The US House of Representatives and Senate should have impeached him and removed him from office already – for violations of the US Constitution’s emoluments clause, if nothing else.”

“Barring that, Vice President Mike Pence should have long ago invoked the 25th Amendment, which provides for the removal of a president whom a majority of the cabinet has deemed ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,'” it continues.

Since Trump assumed the presidency in 2017, Chinese state media has repeatedly rallied against his policy of placing tariffs on products such as aluminum on steel in response to China’s unfair trade practices. Last week, his administration announced $50 billion in additional tariffs on Chinese goods, adding that the figure could rise to $500 billion if China refuses to change its policy.

English-language state media regularly tries to taunt Trump with searing commentaries on his foreign policy, this week warning that the U.S. economy was dangerously dependent on China’s economy, a reality that has allegedly become America’s “Achilles heel.”

Similar pieces have decried Trump’s “insanity” in denuclearization negotiations with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, claimed he has “no clue” what his military are doing in Syria, and described his policy towards Asia as “erratic,” “reckless,” and “inconsistent.”

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