Amazing Donation: Arkansas Disabled Iraq Veteran to Get Brand-New Custom Home

A disabled Arkansas U.S. Army veteran will become the recipient of a custom-built home from the nonprofit organization Homes for our Troops (HFOT).

Sgt. Andrew Butterworth and his family will receive a brand-new home in Pea Ridge, after the sergeant lost his right leg during a 2004 Iraq deployment, FOX24 reported.

Two rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) struck Butterworth’s patrol vehicle, damaging his leg beyond repair and giving him a traumatic brain injury, an HFOT press release stated

The veteran’s wife, Julia, was born missing a leg, so both of them struggle with physical challenges associated with caring for their three children while living in an RV. 

According to the organization, the Butterworths’ new home will include “specially adapted” features such as automatic doors and paved walkways that will “enable Andrew and Julia to take their children outside from the comfort of their wheelchairs.”

“The home will also give Andrew the space and energy to create a workshop and start up a metal working business,” HFOT announced.

Originally from Missouri, the veteran has chosen Northwest Arkansas as the site of his new house, to be close to family. 

“Thank you for this amazing opportunity which will fill the daily needs of our family and give my wife and I the ability to have a home that will enable us to focus on our family and health,” Butterworth said.

Since 2004, the HFOT has built more than 371 homes for disabled veterans across the nation.

“I just can’t thank everybody for being here. I can’t thank our troops enough and everybody else. I’m not always at a loss for words, but I get there every once in a while, thank you again,” the retired sergeant said.

The family said their new home will be finished by August.


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