Air France strikes cause $209 million loss, Germany’s Lufthansa follows suit

April 10 (UPI) — Air France on Tuesday said losses due to recent strikes will cost the company $209 million in operating income.

Pilots, cabin crew and ground staff are demanding a wage increase with unions asking for a 6 percent pay rise that the company deems “impossible,” and instead has a draft agreement for an increase of 1 percent to be paid in two stages.

The carrier estimates that one flight out of four will be canceled on Tuesday because of the strikes, which are also planned for April 17, 18, 23 and 24.

Germany’s Lufthansa canceled half of Tuesday’s scheduled flights after a union-planned strikes demanding 6 percent higher pay for the 2.3 million public service workers. The strikes are planned for airports in Frankfurt and Munich, as well as smaller airports at Cologne and Bremen.

Lufthansa’s personnel and legal chief, Bettina Volkens, said the strikes, which will impact about 90,000 passengers, is “completely unacceptable,” and the company is not a negotiating party.