Air France to operate 76% of flights during Friday strike

Air France to operate 76% of flights during Friday strike

March 29 (UPI) — Air France announced Thursday it plans to operate 76 percent of its normal flight schedule Friday while staff members strike.

The airline said it expects to run 80 percent of its normal long-haul flights, 70 percent of medium-haul flights in and out of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, and 80 percent of short-haul flights to and from Paris-Orly airport and French provinces.

Air France said it is updating its schedule, but last-minute “delays and cancellations may occur.”

The company expects about 31.6 percent of pilots and 28 percent of cabin crew members will strike over a wage increase dispute. The unions are seeking a 6 percent raise, which Air France said was “impossible.”

The unions also plan to strike Tuesday, though Air France said it’s “too early to ascertain the potential outcome of the effects this strike might have on our flight schedule.

The company offered to rebook Friday and Tuesday flights for no extra cost.

Air France flights operated by airliners other than Air France and Joon were not expected to be affected by the strike either day.

Air France canceled about 40 percent of short-haul flights and 25 percent of medium-haul flights last week when a union strike and civil servant strike coincided in France.