Alligator headbutts trapper in Florida neighborhood

June 6 (UPI) — A Florida resident captured video of a seemingly-captured alligator making one last struggle and knocking a trapper “out cold.”

Jack Redding posted a video to Instagram showing what happened when police and a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper were called to his Ocoee neighborhood to remove an 8-foot alligator.

The video shows the trapper and two police officers lifting the alligator, which had its limbs bound and mouth taped shut, into the back of the wildlife trapper’s pickup truck in the Hammocks subdivision.

The gator thrashes around once it is partially on the truck, headbutting the trapper to the ground and knocking the police officers back with its tail.

Redding said the trapper was briefly “knocked out cold” by the headbutt.

Neighbors said the police officers and the trapper were eventually able to finish loading the gator into the truck and haul it away.