Animal rescuers free fox stuck in netting

June 22 (UPI) — Animal rescuers in Britain are urging residents not to leave netting outside after a fox was rescued from a rope net in an allotment.

The RSPCA said Animal Collection Officer Cara Gibbon responded to a report of a trapped fox Tuesday in the Yenton Grove area of Birmingham, England.

Gibbon was able to rescue the fox and release it back into the wild, but she cautioned the incident could have ended in tragedy.

“There is one simple way to prevent this from happening — please remove nets after use and store them safely away,” Gibbon said. “It only takes a few minutes and yet it could save an animal from suffering a horrible death.”

The RSPCA said 442 animals have been rescued from netting so far this year, including 136 during the month of May.

“This fox was lucky but there are other animals out there who could needlessly suffer because care has not been taken to put netting away,” Gibbon said.