Armie Hammer left in charge of restaurant for Halle Berry delivery

Armie Hammer left in charge of restaurant for Halle Berry delivery

March 28 (UPI) — Armie Hammer described to Conan O’ Brien Tuesday how he was left in charge of an empty resturant he was dining at after the owner left to deliver food to Halle Berry.

Hammer brought up the incident during a conversation about fame and how he believes most people in Los Angeles don’t even recognize him.

“I was like this is the most LA experience that has ever happened to me,” the actor said of how he reacted after the owner explained to him how he was leaving to deliver food to Berry with a smile on his face.

“He had no idea, I think, of who I was. He just saw me and was like, “He’s got kind of a trustworthy face, I’ll let him run my resturant.’”

Hammer was also on Conan to promote his new film Final Portrait from writer and director Stanley Tucci which he says rivals Quentin Tarantino’s profanity-laden Reservoir Dogs in how many times the f-word is used.

Final Portrait stars Hammer as a friend of a talented artist (Geoffrey Rush) who wants to paint his portrait but ends up taking several weeks working on the project in order to craft the perfect piece.

“I think we also set a record for the amount of f-bombs in the movie. It’s like us and Reservoir Dogs which is funny because ours is literally a movie about the artistic process and actually watching paint dry,” Hammer said.