Austrian Holocaust denier Gerd Honsik dead

Convicted Austrian Holocaust-denier Gerd Honsik (L), pictured during a court appearance in 2007, has died

Vienna (AFP) – Notorious Austrian Holocaust denier Gerd Honsik has died aged 76, the Austria Press Agency reported on Monday citing several unnamed sources.

Honsik served four years in prison in the 1960s and was sentenced again to one and a half years in 1992 over his book “Freispruch fuer Hitler?” (“Acquittal for Hitler?”)

But he fled to Spain, where he stayed for 15 years — and continued to publish — before he was extradited back to Austria in 2007.

He was given another five years in April 2009, later reduced to four years. But he was then given an additional two-year spell behind bars for comments made in two books.

In 2011 he was freed on parole and was living in Hungary when he died, according to APA.

Questioning key facts about the Holocaust is illegal in Austria and Germany.