Baby squirrel that fell from tree gets neon green cast

April 11 (UPI) — A baby squirrel that was blown out of a New York state tree by strong winds is recovering from a broken arm with a neon green cast.

The Catskill Veterinary Services in Rock Hill shared a photo on Facebook of the “smallest patient of the day.”

“A juvenile squirrel with a broken front leg after the tree he lived in fell from the high winds recently,” the post read. “Hopefully a week or two in this splint and he will be as good as new.”

The Orphaned Wildlife Center, which brought the squirrel to the clinic, is caring for the animal during its recovery. The center said the squirrel and some of its siblings were found by a woman working at a farm.

“They had been in a nest in the tree and now were laying helpless on the ground, cold and upset, no mom in sight. She scooped them up and called us. Susan took a look and one of the little squirrels’ arms was all swollen. A quick trip to the vet to determine her little leg was indeed broken. Poor little baby. So now she is in a little cast until it heals!” the center said on Facebook.