Bald eagle temporarily trapped on trampoline after aerial battle

June 12 (UPI) — A British Columbia woman captured video of her father rescuing a bald eagle that fell out of the sky and became trapped in their backyard trampoline.

Candice Rawson posted a video to Facebook showing her father, Dale Robillard, opening the net surrounding the trampoline in the family’s Royston home to allow the eagle to fly away.

“I don’t know if it could see the net, but it kept flying into the net,” Candice Rawson told CTV Vancouver. “My dad said the power, you could feel it when it hit the net every time, was amazing, but they were worried. They didn’t want the bird to hurt itself.”

Robillard said the bird and a larger eagle had been engaging in an aerial fight just before it plummeted onto the trampoline.

“In what seemed like a purposeful act the larger eagle seemed to, at the last second, directly force the other eagle straight into the trampoline,” he told The Abbotsford News.

The father and daughter said the eagle flew off to some nearby woods without any apparent signs of injury.