Banksy artwork worth $26K stolen from Toronto gallery

June 15 (UPI) — Toronto police are searching for an artwork by reclusive modern artist Banksy, which was stolen from a gallery exhibition Thursday.

Trolley Hunters, a work depicting Neanderthal-like men hunting modern shopping carts and regarded as a satirical critique of modern food consumption, is valued as high as $26,000.

A security camera captured a man walking away with the framed piece.

“We can confirm a piece of art went missing during setup of The Art of Banksy exhibition in Toronto. The incident was reported to the police who are currently investigating the disappearance,” said Corey Ross, of Starvox Exhibits, which mounted the exhibition in a former warehouse.

Toronto police released the video of the theft, which is believed to have occurred around 5 a.m. on Sunday, before the exhibition opened.

A single person is seen walking into a room, removing the artwork from a wall and departing with it. There are no other people and no security guards in the video.