Beached whale carcass draws attention of great white shark

June 7 (UPI) — A humpback whale carcass rotting on a South Australia beach attracted numerous curious onlookers — including a hungry great white shark.

The young humpback carcass washed ashore in Frenchman Bluff, on the Eyre Peninsula, this week, and witness Mark Thomas used his drone to capture video of the beached leviathan.

Thomas’ video revealed the whale wasn’t just attracting human onlookers — a great white shark was pacing in the water nearby the carcass.

Thomas said it appeared the shark was “patrolling back and forth near the whale, waiting for the tide to rise” so it could “get closer for a feed.”

“So far the water around the whale hasn’t been deep enough for the shark to get closer for a feed,” Thomas said. “But the shark is patient.”