Bears scratch at doors, wander through yards in Massachusetts

April 9 (UPI) — A Massachusetts resident captured video of a bear wandering through her back yard hours after police said a bear tried to claw its way into another home.

The Northfield Police Department said a resident woke up early Sunday to the sound of an attempted entry at the back door of their home.

The resident said the sounds soon moved to the front door, but the attempted intruder was gone by the time they were able to turn on the outside lights and took by the door.

“An officer was later called to the scene and located scratch marks on the door, consistent with bear claw marks,” police said. “We have taken several reports in the past of bears climbing on decks and porches in their attempt to get access to food.”

A resident of nearby Ayer captured video a few hours later of a large black bear wandering through her back yard.

Police said bears are starting to wake from their hibernation and go out in search of food. They recommended residents secure their trash and bird feeders to prevent visits from unwanted guests.