‘Benji’ returns in first trailer for upcoming Netflix revival

Feb. 12 (UPI) — Benji is back and attempting to save his new family in the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming film revival of the classic dog series.

The clip, released Monday, features Benji once again as a stray dog who is taken in by a young brother and sister portrayed by Gabriel Bateman and Darby Camp. The siblings attempt to hide their new canine friend from their disapproving mother, portrayed by Kiele Sanchez.

Things take a turn for the worse when the children are kidnapped and its up to Benji to find the brother and sister and help deliver them back home safely.

“Everyone’s favorite pawsome hero is coming home to Netflix in this brand new family film! Join Benji as he proves to the world that with love and determination in his heart, no obstacle is too big. Bad guys don’t stand a chance,” reads the synopsis.

Benji, directed by Brandon Camp, whose father Joe Camp created the original Benji film in 1974, is set to release on Netflix on March 16.

There have been a number of Benji films and television specials after the first in 1974. The last Benji movie was 2004’s Benji: Off the Leash.