Bernie Sanders releases ’14 taxes, shows $205K in salary

Bernie Sanders releases '14 taxes, shows $205K in salary

NEW YORK, April 16 (UPI) — Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders made good on a promise during Thursday’s debate, releasing his 2014 tax returns, the first personal financial data he has made public in the campaign.

Sanders promised they would be “very boring” — and compared to many of his Senate colleagues who are millionaires, he appears to have been correct.

Sanders and his wife, Jane, listed $205,617 in income, including $156,441 in salary and $46, 213 in Social Security benefits. The couple paid $22,946 in mortgage interest and made $8,350 in charitable donations.

Sanders’ Senate salary, $174,000, appears to constitute the bulk of the couple’s income.

Sanders released the taxes, which he says his wife prepares for them, after his opponent, Hillary Clinton challenged him to do so during their debate. She brought up the tax return topic after Sanders criticized her for failing to release transcripts of paid speeches she made to Wall Street banks.

Clinton has posted her last eight years of taxes on her website and has released her family’s taxes for much of the last 30 years, while her husband, Bill Clinton, was governor of Arkansas and president.


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