Big alligator seen strolling down sidewalk at middle school

April 24 (UPI) — A large alligator paid a visit to a Florida middle school and was recorded by witnesses walking along the sidewalk outside the building.

Leann Cook posted a video to Facebook showing the massive gator strolling down the sidewalk in front of Deltona Middle School on Sunday evening.

The alligator was also caught on camera by fellow witness Karl Miranda.

“I saw something huge, murky, grayish on the asphalt there. I actually thought it was a snake of some sort, but the closer I got, I realized, it was a big gator,” Miranda told WOFL-TV.

“I’ve never had an experience this close, and I am taking this as an affirmation that, after 20 years, I’ve finally become a Floridian,” he said.

Witnesses said they summoned a trapper to the scene, but the gator had wandered away by the time they arrived.