Bobcat battles rattlesnake next to Arizona sidewalk

April 6 (UPI) — An Arizona real estate agent showing a house captured video of some unexpected urban nature when a bobcat and a rattlesnake faced off next to the sidewalk.

Laura Lucky said she was showing a house in north Scottsdale to a couple from California when the fierce battle started to play out.

Lucky said the eastern diamondback rattlesnake bit the bobcat’s lip just before she started recording.

“The rattlesnake had come up and bit the bobcat on the lip,” Lucky told KSAZ-TV. “The cat flew. It was very surreal.”The bobcat and the rattlesnake continued to spar for several more minutes, all of which was captured on camera.

“I was freaked out,” Lucky said. “At least we were in a car. If we were out walking, I would not get as close and run away. The last thing I’d want to do is get between the two of them.”

Lucky said the bobcat eventually emerged victorious in the battle and carried the rattlesnake away to presumably make it into a meal. Wildlife experts said bobcats are immune to rattlesnake venom, which can be deadly to humans.