Burglary allows 16 kangaroos to escape from zoo

April 13 (UPI) — A break-in at an Australian zoo let 16 kangaroos escape the facility and hop through neighborhoods.

The Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria said CCTV footage shows a man in a mask cutting through a fence and entering the park’s offices to search through drawers and cupboards.

The zoo said the burglar did not locate any money, but the damaged fence allowed up to 16 kangaroos to escape.

Zoo staff searched the streets of Ballarat on Friday to round up the brown kangaroos.

Park owner Greg Parker said the missing kangaroos were believed to have all been located by noon.

“We’re going to do three counts through the day to make sure they’re all back, there’s 80 or so kangaroos in total here,” he told The Courier newspaper.

Parker asked residents to remain on the lookout for brown kangaroos in case any of the marsupials remained on the loose.