Cambodia deports foreign tourists held over producing ‘pornographic’ images

Feb. 12 (UPI) — Cambodia deported seven of the 10 foreign tourists held over charges of producing pornography last month.

Cambodian National Police raided an event called the “Pub Crawl or Let’s Get Wet” in Siem Reap on Jan. 25 and brought 77 people in to their provincial headquarters where they were “educated and let free.” However, 10 of the event organizers were arrested.

All 10 have denied the charges.

Defense lawyer Ouch Sopheaktra said the three remaining foreigners from Britain, the Netherlands and Norway are still in detention and would soon face trial.

The seven released on bail and ordered out of the country had all left, Sopheaktra said, adding that the charges still stood against them in Cambodia.

Police shared images of the January event with many of the suspects were pictured mostly clothed and stimulating sex acts.

Although Cambodia has penalized tourists for posting revealing photos of themselves at or near its ancient temples in recent years, authorities in the country have otherwise been tolerant of visitors engaging in the local nightlife.