China: 7 students killed, 12 injured in stabbing

China: 7 students killed, 12 injured in stabbing

April 27 (UPI) — Seven Chinese middle school students died and 12 were injured Friday when a man stabbed them outside their school in the Shaanxi province.

The suspect was identified as Zhao Moumou of Mizhi County.

Moumou, 28, said he was bullied by classmates while attending school in Mizhi Sa. An official motive for the attacks is still unknown.

The suspect, who is now in police custody, attacked the students at Mizhi County Number Three secondary school as the children were going home at the end of the school day, officials said.

The injured children are receiving treatment.

China has been rocked by several mass stabbings in recent years, including a stabbing at a railway station in 2014 that left 28 civilians dead and 113 injured.