‘Citizen Rose’ docu-series to debut on E! May 17

'Citizen Rose' docu-series to debut on E! May 17

April 23 (UPI) — Citizen Rose, a three-part docu-series starring actress, author and activist Rose McGowan, is scheduled to premiere May 17 on E!

After McGowan alleged she was raped by film producer Harvey Weinstein, she became a prominent figure in the Me Too and Time’s Up movements against sexual abuse and harassment. She has chronicled her experiences in the memoir Brave.

“Viewers get unfiltered access as Rose laughs, cries, and fights to survive in a world where she finds it hard to know who she can trust,” said a news release from the cable network. “Rose learns how to be an activist whose activism is based on trauma as she navigates an extraordinarily unusual life path. We see, in almost-real time, as she deals with the emotional toll of having to constantly revisit her painful past, all the while launching a book that is one of her proudest achievements.”

McGowan, 44, is known for her work in the TV drama Charmed, as well as the films Planet Terror and Machete.