Czechs produce new RM 70 Vampir rocket artillery system


PRAGUE, Czech Republic, April 13 (UPI) — Excalibur Army Ltd., a Czech defense company, is producing a next-generation rocket artillery system called the RM 70 Vampir.

The RM 70 Vampir replaces the RM 70 Grad system once used by Warsaw Pact countries and utilizes a Tatra T-815-7 truck platform fitted with an armored cabin with biological and chemical weapons protection capability.

Construction of the first RM 70 prototype started in February of 2015 and gunnery trials were conducted last fall. So far two complete batteries of Vampirs have been produced, along with two battery commander vehicles and one battalion commander vehicle.

Excalibur Army said they are interconnected with a fire control system.

“Many military forces retired their rocket artillery systems in the past few years,” the company said. “However, recent conflicts show that they are still in demand. Excalibur Army offer Vampirs as a modern system with high combat value and a very attractive price tag.”


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