Demi Lovato kisses Kehlani during ‘sexy’ moment onstage

Demi Lovato kisses Kehlani during 'sexy' moment onstage

April 3 (UPI) — Demi Lovato got physically intimate with fellow singer Kehlani whom she kissed onstage during her final performance in the United States as part of her Tell Me You Love Me tour.

Kehlani, the opening act for Lovato at the Newark, N.J. show on Monday, surprised the pop star from behind as she sang on a rotating bed. The pair then locked lips before Lovato placed Kehlani down on the bed and continued to sing as she seductively mounted the performer.

“Truly so grateful to have had this extremely special, talented and cool as [expletive] woman on this tour with me..,” Lovato said on Instagram alongside photos of Kehlani hugging her from behind on the bed during the concert.

“What an incredible fun sexy crazy night that I’ll never forget!!” she continued.

“Twas a dream getting to do this tour with you. watching you every night was a learning experience and you forever have a fan and supporter in me,” Kehlani said on Instagram about Lovato alongside a similar set of photos.

“Tonight your dancers put me up to this but anyone would be stupid not to jump at the chance to hop on that damn moving bed and grab your face looooool. I love you and appreciate you, beautiful. Cheers to you, more life and success on the rest of the legs of this tour,” Kehlani continued.