Diego Luna details his experience with the Mexico City earthquake on ‘Conan’

Diego Luna details his experience with the Mexico City earthquake on 'Conan'

Sept. 26 (UPI) — Diego Luna appeared on Conan Monday to share his experience with living through the Mexico City earthquake and what he is doing to help raise funds for relief efforts.

“It was so scary and devastating,” the actor said to host Conan O’Brien about what it was like to experience the 7.1-magnitude earthquake firsthand and the destruction that it left behind.

“It was horrible to think about the people that got a chance to get out and then suddenly they are seeing everything they have just disappearing in a second,” he continued about how he witnessed the destruction of a seven-story building following the earthquake.

“And those that are trapped in there you know you start thinking about them. It’s a horrible experience,” The Rogue One star said.

Luna said that the disaster brought the people of Mexico together.

“But the beautiful thing is you would imagine that people would be running away from this cloud but here it was the opposite. Everyone was running towards the cloud trying to get there to save someone.”

Luna also shared how he has set up Omaze campaign to help raise funds for those affected by the earthquake alongside fellow actor Gael Garcia Bernal. According to Luna, he and Bernal will work to personally make sure the donated money goes to good use.

Luna is familiar with earthquakes having also lived through the devastating 8.1 earthquake that struck Mexico City in 1985 that killed an esitmated 9,500 people. “We learned that when something like this happens, it’s you that has to go and do something about it,” he said to USA Today about the lessons learned from 1985.

On Instagram, Luna has been sharing with his followers the destruction the earthquake has left behind and what he is doing to help raise relief funds.


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