Dog chases cougar into British Columbia woman’s house

March 28 (UPI) — A British Columbia woman captured a photo when an encounter with a cougar outside her home led to the mountain lion making its way inside the house.

Shayla Aumack, 20, said she arrived home from work about 8:30 p.m. earlier this month in Slocan City and discovered the cougar inside the open door of the shed attached to her house.

“I was shocked. Our eyes locked. I knew what I was looking at, but it was still hard to believe,” Aumack told the Coast Mountain News.

Aumack fled toward her grandmother’s house, located about 50 feet away, and shouted for her roommate, Levi Grey, to stay inside the house.

“I said ‘Don’t open the door’ but he only heard ‘Open the door,’” Aumack said.

Aumack’s large Akbash dog, Koda, ran out of the house and started chasing the cougar, which fled into the home.

Leah Hernandez, Aumack’s grandmother, came out to help.

“I ran downstairs and I grabbed my ax and ran over there,” Hernandez told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

The grandmother estimated the small cougar was about 8 months old, “if that.”

The house was soon rife with activity as the cougar found itself being chased by the ax-wielding grandma, Grey, who armed himself with a baseball bat, and friend Robin Henderson, who picked up a work hammer.

The group was eventually able to chase the cougar out through the back door.

“It just wanted to get out,” said Aumack, who posted a picture of the cougar inside her home to Instagram.

She said the “big kitty” has since returned to the neighborhood at least twice, once on her porch and once in a neighbor’s greenhouse. It fled the area before authorities arrived on all occasions.